“In its duality with the body, I intend a piece of jewelry as a source of energy, a talisman. My inspiration can arrive to me from anything, following the emotion of the moment. I’m fascinated by the marks left by the time, by textures and found objects. I like to work combining different kind of materials and to make one of a kind piece of jewelry.”

I’m an Italian jewelry maker born in Milan in 1966.
After a graduation in Oriental Languages in 1991 and a career in administrative roles, I discovered my passion for contemporary jewelry in 2014 and, since then, I devoted myself to it.
I got a BFA in 2017 and an MFA in 2019 in Contemporary Jewellery and Body Ornament from Alchimia Jewellery School in Florence, where I was mentored by artists like Jorge Manilla, Evert Nijland and Lucy Sarneel.
My nomadic soul brought me to travel a lot and to live in many different places during my life and now I currently live and work creating jewelry in Florence.